Chair of Didactics of Biology

To work as a biology teacher, in addition to sufficient knowledge of the biology themes, the ability to manage the content and teaching skills are important. A teacher should also be able to adapt to the position of the practitioner, who is willing to include critically evaluated innovations in his own work. The work on the Department of Didactics of Biology is therefore based on experiential learning; where in the active process of study students are prepared for a fruitful professional career.

During their study, students on the lectures gain the theoretical basics of the teaching profession and during the practical exercises, they in a safe environment test the whole set of the practical teaching activities: preparing for lessons, knowing variety of teaching methods, planning and implementing experimental laboratory exercises, working with living organisms, verification and examination of knowledge, and learning the basics of an active research. Finally, with activities in their practice at primary and secondary schools they test their knowledge in a direct contact with pupils.

Head of Chair
Prof. Dr. Andrej Šorgo

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