Chair of Animal Physiology and Ethology

At the Chair of Animal Physiology and Ethology we study animal behavior and sensory systems (sensory receptors). Some predatory insects recognize their prey – small arthropods – based on vibration signals generated while walking on the substrate surface. Others can recognize a sexual partner trough the vibrational songs.

We are interested in the mechanisms of production, transmission and reception of the signals, which are important in identifying prey and sexual partners.

We study the structure and function of the scolopidial organs and sensory receptors in insects relevant for this type of communication.

Recently, the studyis focused on ecophysiological and biophysical characteristics of the signals and the communication channel by which the signals are translated.

We are also interested in a comparison of predatory behavior in different antlion species (Myrmeleontidae) and effects of biotic and abiotic factors on their behavior.

Predatory behavior and sensory systems are the themes of diploma degrees and master theses.


Teaching and research take place in four laboratories:

Laboratory of Animal Physiology and Ethology
Laboratory of Electrophysiology and Vibrometry
Laboratory of Histology
Laboratory of Microscopy

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Head of Chair
Prof. Dr. Dušan Devetak

Scientific meetings
- 10th International Symposium on Neuropterology, Piran, 2008
- 3rd Slovenian Entomological Symposium with international attendance, Maribor, 2012 (

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