Chair of Zoology

Members of the Zoology conduct research and teaching in different aspects of the biology of animals. We study biodiversity patterns and processes in certain groups of mammals (Mammalia), birds (Aves), net-winged insects (Neuroptera) and harvestmen (Opiliones) in the territory of Slovenia and Western Balkans. We also explore the mechanisms of morphological plasticity in mammals at the intra-and inter-species level. We are interested in the causes of morphometric variability that may arise as a result of the geographical isolation, sexual selection, allometric growth in the process of ontogeny or phylogenetic development. We also cooperate with archaeologists in analysing the economy and culture, and the pile-dwelling life environment in the period between the fifth and second millennium BC in Ljubljansko barje. We study bones of bird skeletons and try to identify the species and their role in the economy and ecology of the pile-dwelling people.

Head of Chair
Prof. Dr. Franc Janžekovič

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