Chair of Geobotany

Our mission is to discover, maintain, and transmit knowledge concerning basic plant biology and provide leadership in the biological sciences in the region. Our investigations are restricted mostly to the NE part of Slovenia. During our work we sampled phytosociologically and statistically dry and semidry secondary meadows and pastures from Prekmurje (E Slovenia) to Adriatic coast (W Slovenia). We also do basic research on some other vegetation forms, like halophytic maritime vegetation and segetal vegetation.

We are closely linked to our research labs, but a lot of work is previously done in the field. Our research team is implementing different experiments that show the impact of different grazing types (intensive, semi intensive, extensive, abandoned etc.) on the biodiversity, biomass production and energy value. We are also studying the impact of mowing and the removal of specific functional groups of plants from the turf on the plant communities.

Students that participate in our research, find out soon that our work includes all areas of plant-science; from cells to ecosystems. We study plant seed germination, tissue cultures, histology, systematics, and ecology. Our work is dedicated to nature conservation and vegetation mapping. We are investigating the morphology and physiology of some locally rare and endangered plant species like Hladnikia pastinacifollia and Apium repens as well as plant material from archaic or archaeological sites.

A lot of work is dedicated to plant ecology. Our group is studying the changes in the species and biomass composition in the meadows exposed to higher rates of CO2. We are also interested in the genus Apiaceae, especially in the taller species overgrowing abandoned meadows rapidly because of their competitive allelopathic mechanisms in the succession of meadows. With a functional approach during the research on grassland vegetation, we are discovering competitive relations between individual plants and plant species. In investigations of landscape ecology, based on the data from the field (habitat type mapping), we are studying the influences of overgrowing, urbanization, intensification, and other environmental changes on the structure of the traditional agricultural landscape.

Head of Chair
Prof. Dr. Mitja Kaligarič


Laboratory of Plant Physiology

(Head of Laboratory: Assist. Prof. Dr. Jana Ambrožič Dolinšek)

We are working on the development of in vitro procedures for the protection, micropropagation, storage and cryopreservation of the endangered, rare or vulnerable wild species (Hladnikia pastinacifolia, Apium repens). We are also investigating the growth, development and morphology of ferns (Platycerium bifurcatum, Asplenium adulterinum). Our lab is involved in the development of new education strategies from the field of plant biology and investigation of socio-scientific issues from the field of biotechnology; developing new laboratory exercises and working on natural science competencies.

Research methods: plant tissue cultures, micropropagation, light microscopy, HPLC and selected molecular methods.

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